Professional Scrum Master 

This Professional Scrum Master course will introduce students to the fundamental principles of Scrum and the specific role a Scrum Master plays in facilitating a Scrum team. Gain an understanding of how Scrum teams are set up and how they can work closely together to efficiently resolve issues. Scrum requires a cultural shift and mind-set change in order to manage the introduction and implementation of scrum into an organization. 

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--- Scrum Benefits ---

Project Visibility

Scrum promotes visibility to team members and product owners of project status at any given time through tactical examples.

Team-based Exercises

Team-based exercises provide the practical application skills and knowledge needed to bring Scrum principles to your projects.

Effective Facilitations

Apply effective facilitation for Scrum meetings. Identify opportunities to remove impediments for team members on a timely manner.


  • World-class faculty
  • Edge-of-your-seat online learning
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Real-world, case-based learning
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This training introduces you to how the fundamentals of Agile are applied to Scrum, so you can help your team work together efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction with the continuous delivery of high-value software.

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One-time payment of $1500.

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2 monthly payments of $850 per month.

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