Embracing the significance of Black History Month To Break into Cybersecurity!


Embracing the significance of Black History Month!

🌍 Join me on this journey of reflection, celebration, and learning as we honor the remarkable contributions of Black individuals throughout history. As we delve into this month of heritage and resilience, I’m thrilled to announce that my classes are starting on February 7th!

🚀 Explore the dynamic world of Cybersecurity GRC every Wednesday from 7 pm to 9 pm EST, and dive into the essentials of Security+ every Thursday, same time.

🌐 Let’s not only celebrate history but also create a future where knowledge knows no bounds. Secure your spot at www.MyITUniversity.com and let’s empower ourselves through education! https://www.myituniversity.com/ 🖤👩‍💻 

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Register for the next IT classes today. Enrollment is currently open and you can join anywhere in the comfort of your home or office. Thanks for your interest.

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